Welcome to my site. I am passionate about helping people with chronic insomnia take back their lives. 

I lived with insomnia for several decades, struggling every day with how to change that cycle.

With the help of new knowledge, action, and perspective, I activated an internal remembrance to sleep. 

Here on this site, you will find a variety of content aiming to help you do the same. 

If you need help taking further steps to do this, please set up a call so we can connect. 

- Derek 
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I will partner with you on a customized-holistic-approach for healing insomnia. 


As a client, you will follow a fundamentally sound, science-based sleep protocol, as you develop a greater understanding of your sleep resistance, where it comes from, and how to manage your emotions to sleep. 

As a coach, I will help you identify which areas of your life are holding you back from sleep the most, then use advanced coaching skills to support you in taking new inspired action. 

This systematic approach to healing sleep & life coaching, combined with my mentorship between sessions and a deep caring for your well-being, is there to provide you with the accountability & support you've been missing to make a transformation possible. 


Who Is This Coaching For? 


This system is specifically for the insomniac who has exhausted all strategies for sleeping better and wants to try a new, fun, and innovative experience that creates greater change than just sleeping better ever could.  


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As a coach, I advocate for the sleep you don't yet believe you will soon be getting.


In collaboration:

We identify, simplify, and RESOLVE complex sleep problems.

We work on aligning your concept of living with your concept of sleeping so they can be in better support of one another. 

We identify where growth and personal mastery could change how you show up in your life, and consequently effect how you sleep. 

We work on developing your confidence to sleep without needing to see positive results first, replacing judgement & measurement with cognitive tools that are in your total control. 

We thoughtfully explore your resistance to sleep then give it new constructive meaning. 

We boldly and lovingly expect change with your sleep, knowing our work together is moving at just the right pace and is grounded by your inevitable path to sleep.

We do this in collaboration so that you develop the concept, confidence and intuition to become your own sleep expert.


Insomnia Coaching

It's Time To Sleep

Are you ready to make a change?


If this resonates with you and you would like help sleeping, schedule a complementary session with me.  

We’ll spend a private conversation where by the end, you will know if coaching is the best way for you to move forward. If it is, we can discuss what kind of program would be best for you. If it’s not, you will have a new perspective and I will continue to support you in any way I can!   -Derek 



When Derek and I started working together, I was on a streak of sleepless nights like I had never experienced before. I was so exhausted from my sleeplessness, I was desperate for help. What's funny is most of the work we did really had nothing to do with sleep, which might seem strange to read, but will make sense once you begin the work. Derek really helped me dive inward, to understand the root causes of my issues with sleep, and as we dug, we inevitably find more than we could have imagined. His techniques and strategies are well thought out, and work fantastically. Working with him not only has me sleeping well, but my perspective on many important aspects of my life have changed for the better. His title is unique in itself, a "sleep coach", and the results just as uniquely special. I recommend you invest in yourself and let this man guide you to true restfulness.

— Eli

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Course coming soon!

Why This Course?



I care deeply about making an impact on people's lives, especially in the area of sleep. 


For many years, a battle against insomnia made my life very difficult, including a roughly 15 year period where I suffered tremendously, sleeping about 25 hours a week with sleepless nights in between.


I was in a what felt like a permanent state of certainty that I would never be able to sleep. 

What I understand now that I didn't then is what a healthy sleep lifestyle really looks like, how I was unknowingly creating the outcomes I saw as my curse, and how to separate the stressful, negative events in my life from sleep. Thanks to a career in coaching and being a client of coaching, I also deeply understand the process of transformation. 

I never thought I would see my experience through insomnia as a gift, but I do now. I feel lucky that my passion for helping people and fascination with the art of coaching have allowed me to complement my gift of insomnia in the most satisfying and productive way possible. 


My service to the world is primarily through life and sleep coaching. My sleep coaching program is informed by my proprietary 5-step sleeping method called the Art of Falling Asleep, a method that blends sleep science, behavioral psychology, client collaboration, and spiritual energy cultivation. It's also a method that informs where in a client's life coaching can be used as a tool to facilitate change. 

In 2020 I launched The Art of Falling Asleep Podcast to better share my love for how the science of sleep is expressed in the art of life and hopefully inspire more insomniacs to slowly gain new perspectives into their own creative path to sleep. 

In order to help insomniacs and sleepers of all sorts, I started Dormi's Glasses, a blue light blocking glasses company, making highest best quality blue blockers on the market.  

Currently, I am working on The Art of Falling Asleep Online Course. 

I believe you are the most intuitive sleep expert. I am here to express my unique view of the sleep transformation process, draw it out of you in any way I can, through coaching, writing, a physical product or however it comes out until you can express your inner wisdom to sleep.

When I'm not drawing up sleep formulas in the bathtub, I'm spending as much time as I can outside, gardening, golfing, spending time in nature, or walking my tri-pawd Canseco. 

At home, you'll always find me up to my elbows cooking something in the kitchen, playing guitar while screaming at the top of my lungs, or reading.  



Thank you for connecting!

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