"Congratulations, you are on the right path. 
The most instrumental part of a sleep transformation takes place without you needing to see better sleep first.
Here you will find some resources to help you sleep better that use healthy mindsets and begin adding to the cumulative effect of better sleep in the future.
I would love to guide you through this process to better sleep in any way I can."

As a coach, I advocate for the sleep you don't yet believe you will soon be getting.


In collaboration:

We identify, simplify, and RESOLVE complex sleep problems by breaking things into parts. Parts that aren't broken and don't need solution, but resolution. 

We work on aligning your concept of living with your concept of sleeping.  We find integrity in your actions and turn your resilience into a tool for sleep. 

We work on your personal development: we identify where growth and personal mastery could change how you show up in your life, and consequently effect how you sleep. 

We work on developing the confidence to sleep without needing to see positive results first. Like this there is no judgement or measurement, but simple steps that are in your total control. 

We thoughtfully explore your resistance to sleep then give it new constructive meaning. 

We boldly and lovingly expect change with your sleep, knowing our work together is moving at just the right pace and is grounded by your right to sleep.

We do this in collaboration so that you develop the concept, confidence and intuition to become your own sleep expert.

If this resonates with you and you would like to experience the feeling of coaching, click here to book a complementary session with me. 

We’ll spend a private conversation where by the end, you will know if sleep coaching could be the most easeful way to radically change your life. If it is, we can discuss what kind of program would be best for you. If it’s not, you will have a new perspective and be that much closer on your sleep journey!  -Derek 


What Is Life Coaching for Insomnia? 

Usually, when trying to resolve insomnia, insomnia has become unbearable that you need to find a solution for it as soon as possible. There is an assumption something has stopped working or is missing, so you search for the most obvious antidote to get you back to normal sleep. Sometimes this works but when it doesn't it creates a bigger problem, one of mystery. 

This usually turns into a long period of settling and having to cope with the thing that was once extremely unbearable. It's very difficult, but you build a resilience to a lack of sleep, and your whole world shifts to support this resilience. This resilience is something you should be honored for, because it's one of the most difficult feelings to have to endure. Your mindset, habits, and decisions all have to adjust in an emergency response to help you be resilient enough to survive insomnia.


However, this adjustment also creates the insomnia cycle and why insomniacs like me can struggle for such long periods, all the meanwhile trying things here and there, hoping something changes or snaps you into normal sleep.

When people are ready to start changing the mindset, habits and decisions that lead to LONG LASTING change, this is where coaching comes in because this is the part where most people need direction and help. 

This is where we might be a perfect fit, where I can support you in a way you have never been supported before, with sleep expertise and a personal history on both sides of insomnia from which to offer you insight. 




Finding Derek the sleep coach was probably one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. He truly is a miracle worker, it seems so unreal to me, but Derek has transformed my life. I’m now a sleeper! I never thought I would say those words. In less than 6 weeks, he was able to take me from a chronic insomniac to someone who regularly sleeps through an ENTIRE night! I haven’t done that since I was a child. His gentle style made it safe to express myself while he guided me to restorative sleep. I feel amazing, I can’t believe how much stuff I get done in the day! This is the way the rest of you sleepers feel everyday? Now that I can count on sleeping every night, all I can say is “watch our world!” I am truly grateful to Derek. He is the real deal, hire him already! And get some rest. 

— Marci


The Art of Falling Asleep

Transform your sleep in 5 simple steps! 

Course coming soon!

Why This Course?

The What and Why to The Art of Falling Asleep

In my belief, the reason sleep is such a problem is as a whole, the concepts people are following to sleep could be better, or more aligned with sleep biologically.  


As I’ve listened to the most common sleep complaints, I’ve found that the things people wish they could do better don’t completely align with circadian rhythm.  


So, I made distinctions out of those desired abilities and turned them into 5 steps that make more sense with circadian rhythm and sleep biology. Then, I asked the question in practice and with clients, would following these steps instead of trying to get good at the others make the process of falling asleep more seamless?  


And the answer was yes. 


These 5 steps integrate anything that must be present to allow the natural gravitational pull of sleep or identify and resolve potential obstacles. 


These steps exercise two disciplines from my insomnia transformation program, Sleep Confidence and Concept Alignment. Sleep Confidence is an NLP derived approach to sleep and Concept Alignment is also NLP derived, however with a creative and imaginative approach. It says that if you what you have to do in order to sleep is out of your skill set, then there is a better approach, and that approach should meet you and your skills where they are, not the other way around. 


If you follow the 5 steps in the art of falling asleep, you naturally: align the brain to the outcome of sleep by taking the thoughts that are interfering with sleep and turn them into ones that are helpful, all while clearing and aligning the chakras. 


Hence the use of the word art, empowering the sleeper and their intuition to paint their own canvas within the fair sleep rules governed by mother nature. 


The Art of Falling Asleep can be used as: 


  1. A lifestyle tool that informs daily habits to reverse insomnia. 

  2. A nightly or occasional sleep technique. 

  3. A parameter that informs the most intuitive & appropriate ways of aligning your physical, emotional and spiritual body with sleep. 

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