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  • Use an innovative lifestyle protocol to develop a slightly better rhythm of sleep. 

  • Improve that sleep rhythm by shifting outdated beliefs and increasing sleep-confidence. 

  • Uncover how to physically, mentally, and emotionally maintain that sleep rhythm.

  • Master the Art of Falling Asleep 

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Do you want to sleep more but need help understanding what you can do differently?

Does it feel like you are getting in your own way but aren’t sure how?


Does it feel like common sleep advice just isn't enough?

Have you lost hope and lowered your expectations because trying hard leads to disappointment?

Do you sense there is an X-factor to improving your sleep but haven’t been able to pin point what that is?


These are just some of the frustrating aspects to insomnia and some of the things working with a sleep coach can help you resolve. 

I would love to collaborate with you in uncovering your personal method for resolving these problems!


Using the Art of Falling Asleep as a guide, I have built a protocol that makes it easier for you to physically, mentally, and emotionally align your sleep!


It's Time To Sleep

Are you ready to make a change?


If my approach to sleep resonates with you and you would like help sleeping, please schedule a complementary session.  

We’ll spend a private conversation where by the end, you will know if coaching is the best way for you to move forward. If it is, we can discuss what kind of program would be best for you. If it’s not, you will have a new perspective and I will continue to support you in any way I can!   -Derek 



When Derek and I started working together, I was on a streak of sleepless nights like I had never experienced before. I was so exhausted from my sleeplessness, I was desperate for help. What's funny is most of the work we did really had nothing to do with sleep, which might seem strange to read, but will make sense once you begin the work. Derek really helped me dive inward, to understand the root causes of my issues with sleep, and as we dug, we inevitably find more than we could have imagined. His techniques and strategies are well thought out, and work fantastically. Working with him not only has me sleeping well, but my perspective on many important aspects of my life have changed for the better. His title is unique in itself, a "sleep coach", and the results just as uniquely special. I recommend you invest in yourself and let this man guide you to true restfulness.

— Eli

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The Membership is Open!

A membership for people who want to live well and sleep well!

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Take your journey out of insomnia at your own pace, with the support you need and the community you crave!



I feel fortunate that I have been able to use my journey through insomnia to help other people sleep.  


After several years of sleep coaching I have developed a 5-step sleeping method called the Art of Falling Asleep. It is a way of focusing on bite size aspects of the falling asleep process, The goal is to turn what can feel like a difficult task into a peaceful self-care routine, while the mind and body align with sleep. 

In 2020 I launched The Art of Falling Asleep Podcast to better share my love for how the science of sleep is expressed in the art of life and hopefully inspire more insomniacs to slowly gain new perspectives into their own creative path to sleep. 

Currently, much of my focus has turned to the Freedom From Insomnia membership platform, a place where you can practice integrating the steps from the Art of Falling Asleep at your own pace, with support from 2 sleep coaches and other community members.


My sleep journey has taken me from the busy streets of Los Angeles, where I spent 15 years struggling with insomnia, back to my home state of Texas, where I have been building an off the grid homestead made just for sleep. 

Thank you for coming to this site and learning more about me and my approach to sleep. If there was only one message I could share with you, it's that transformation is possible, and I believe in your sleep!



Thank you for connecting!

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