The Art of Falling Asleep

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Transform your sleep in 5 simple steps! 

Why This Course?


As I’ve listened to the most common sleep complaints, I’ve found that the things people struggle doing in order to sleep are not necessarily prerequisites to sleep. 


So, I listened to those complaints and created 5 steps you can follow instead that make more sense to sleep biologically.

Decide - Balance - Release - Become - Be Present 


What I love most about this system is that these 5 steps can be practiced by sleepers of all levels to increase their quality and quantity of sleep. They allow for surface level practice, with the option of going very deep within each step, depending on what you need. 


The Art of Falling Asleep is the most comprehensive sleep system I am aware of, as it naturally aligns the body in preparation for sleep physically, emotionally, and spiritually, empowering circadian rhythm, aligning the thinking brain to focus on sleep, and clearing the chakras. 


The Art of Falling Asleep can be used as: 

  • A nightly or occasional sleep technique. 

  • A parameter that informs where in your life more focus is need to sleep better. 

  • An intuitive guide for living your best life possible. 


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The 14-Day Detox

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Why This Course?

Lose weight, increase energy, sleep better, and get some glow in your skin?

Sure, those are things that usually take place when doing this cleanse, but I don't like for it to stop there!

While detoxing has its privileges, why not make sure these privileges don't stop at the finish line?

The secret ingredient to a healthy relationship to food is being able to understand how your engine works, so that you are constantly putting in the right fuel and even detoxing on a daily basis, so you can enjoy the benefits that come from deep cellular cleansing all year round. 

In this cleanse you will practice an elimination diet, so your body can take a break from some of the foods that tend to be inflammatory and cause other allergic reactions, while eating clean whole foods that won't leave you hungry, and begin to introduce the foods you eliminated one by one so you can deeply understand how those foods work in your unique body. 

Please join us and make the benefits of cleansing and living a healthy lifestyle your reality!


"I Am" Sound Sleep

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Why This Course?

"I Am" Sound Sleep takes you through my 8 week Signature Sleep Transformation Program. You will receive weekly video content, providing learning that's actionable. 


The weekly content provides the perfect pace to digest and apply the content to your life. Here is an overview of the course. 

You will:

1. Create an environment that supports simple, but radically different change!

2. Learn how to get more energy from your food and become less susceptible to energy draining food choices! 

3. Incorporate powerful tools & techniques that transform the physical and emotional factors that keep insomnia in place!


4. Learn how to accumulate sleep confidence, the #1 sleep supplement necessary to overcome insomnia!