"Because so much of what I do is pro-active I have learned that the impact of my work is not always seen or felt right away.  I analogize it to planting seeds.  


Derek passionately discussed a topic that is impacting many people and I am certain he changed lives. He has created a ripple of energy and I am confident those ripples will reach far and wide. We are grateful for his time, and for offering to be such a wonderful resource to so many of our employees.


We are looking forward to learning more and spreading him further within our organization."


Mitch L. Martens

Administrator, Employee Wellness

Cedars-Sinai , Los Aneles, Ca

My views on sleep are different than most. If you think my insights can help your audience or employees sleep better, I would love to collaborate, with your company, yoga studio, television & radio show, or podcast!





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