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Lifestyle Tips 

  • Get sunlight through your eyes first thing in the morning

  • Connect your barefoot on the grass or dirt as often as possible

  • Incorporate simple movements like stretching or yoga at a minimum

  • Try 20 minutes of manageable high interval exercise

  • Meditate 

  • Take sun breaks as often as possible 

  • Do not wear sunglasses 

  • Eat foods in season that were available 1,000 years ago

  • Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper

  • Avoid eating anything after dark if you can, or no carbs at a minimum

  • Watch the sunset

  • Wear blue light blocking glasses as soon as possible after dark and up until bed

  • Turn off your Wifi router

  • Use red light bulbs anywhere you can

  • Make your room as cold and dark as possible

  • Put your phone on airplane mode

Bedtime Tips

  • ​Make a firm decision to sleep by declaring nothing else is more important

  • Don’t just jump into bed - wait until you’re sleepy

  • From stillness & silence, go inward to feel the chemical reactions natural inducing relaxation 

  • Slow down your breathing and create a pattern that feels good to you

  • Release trapped energy by forcing big yawns and twisting

  • Practice presence by mindfully acknowledging everything that you can see or touch

  • Count the reasons why sleep could come seamlessly for you

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