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A few years ago I received a vision of being off the grid, in an atmosphere free from pollution from light, noise and radiation. In a place where mindfulness and sustainability created a bridge back the essence of being human, like how it used to be. 

Created specifically for sleeping, this place would provide both the ideal setting for sleep at night, and a variety of activities during the day that all contributed to the healing of insomnia, from the basics of food to the intricacies of deep inner healing.

A place where people who need help to sleep could retreat to. 

The place was a small little pasture in a place called Utopia. I found it, and so I am building it. 

Coming Soon, The Utopia Sleep Retreat
"Tell me and I'll forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn."   -Benjamin Franklin

Step In to simplicity, 


The Utopia Sleep Retreat provides you the opportunity to heal your relationship to sleep, amidst the peace and beauty of the Texas Hill Country.

This retreat will support your sleep through 1 to 1 coaching, workshops, gardening, yoga, swimming, nightly meditation sessions, and much more. But most of all, it will offer you the time and space to integrate it all.

By trading in everyday life for a few nights in Utopia, your body will experience the space and clarity necessary to connect to your sleep, as you acquire the momentum to begin overcoming insomnia.



This retreat has been carefully curated for the insomniac who has chronically struggled with sleep and feels like they are out of options. If this is you, the retreat experience will support your sleep, not just as an escape, but in transforming your relationship to sleep on the deepest level. 

You will walk away from the retreat with a new understanding of your sleep and a tool box of new skills to take into your regular life. Most important to the insomniac though, this retreat is not just a place for you to honor sleep, but be supported to transpire in a new way if and when sleep doesn’t go as planned. Often times these moments yield the greatest sleep victories.

This Sleep Retreat will bring you the most thoughtful experience related to sleep, by someone who care deeply about insomniacs and wants for them what he has experienced himself. 

Retreat Details

FLYING IN: *Flights are not included*

Fly into the San Antonio international Airport (SAT airport code). From there you can take a shuttle to a designated Hotel #TBD#


Utopia is a 1 hour, 30 minute drive, so landing the day before and checking into allows everyone to settle in and be comfortable so we can ride to the retreat site as one group and you don't have to rent a car. 


We will meet that night, introduce ourselves and outline our process for the retreat. 



- Shuttle to and from airport at designated time only

- Hotel room for 1st night

- All meals and beverages during the retreat

- All events and services during the retreat

* this is a zero alcohol event

* Meals will have a combination of vegetable & animal sourced foods. .

* If you have any dietary restrictions please advise in advance.




  • Flights

  • Any meals & beverages away from the retreat




Utopia is a very small town located in the Texas Hill Country. The scenery is full of beautiful rolling hills and the smaller population offers a serene environment, free of the pollutions you find in the city, like noise, air, radiation and light. 


A typical day as part of The Sleep Retreat will look like this:


  • thoughtful morning routines

  • daily morning movement

  • breakfast

  • group educational workshop

  • free time

  • lunch

  • afternoon healing workshop

  • individual healing sessions (coaching, reiki, massage, etc)

  • free time

  • dinner

  • fireside circles w/ song, dance, meditation

In your free time you are invited to rest, read, relax in a hammock, go for a hike or play cards wit your new friends. Integrate what you have learned in your retreat experience so far. Destress.



- summer gear: hat, bathing suits, comfortable clothing

- refillable water bottle!

- clothes you can do some movement in like hiking, exercise, yoga

- good runners or hiking shoes

- good sandals for river time (with straps is best)

- 1 or 2 long sleeve shirts/sweaters in case it is cool in the evening


Soaps, shampoos and conditioners are provided, as well as towels, pillows and sheets. 

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