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It's an approach to sleep that guides you inward to align your mind and body with sleep. 

It will help you align your circadian rhythm and emotional relationship to sleep. 


In your holistic approach to transforming insomnia, you will go through 4 foundational pillars. 

Take The Steps to Better Sleep Now!

The10-Week Protocol

If you are struggling with insomnia and need support taking steps toward better sleep, you are in the right place!

The Transformational Protocol is a coaching program based on tried and true sleep coaching methods. 

Sleep Awareness

  • Sleep awareness is the first step to building sleep confidence. You will learn and build upon meditative techniques that enhance your internal awareness of your body’s ability to sleep.

  • This is the beginning of a neurological re-wiring process that increases your capacity for sleep before more sleep takes place. 


  • Most people who have been trying to sleep better don’t need a complete lifestyle change, but slight modifications. However, these modifications are usually extremely impactful. 


  • We will look closely at every aspect of your lifestyle, your routines, your food intake, movement, and make the necessary adjustments so that you can burn more energy and accumulate more sleep resources for night. 

Sleep Confidence

  • Together we will consistently practice for recognizing the sleep you get more than the sleep you don’t get. 

  • You will learn and build upon a meditative technique for increasing sleep confidence as well


  • By the end of the program you will naturally have a more neurologically sound way of thinking and speaking about your sleep.

5-Step Method

  • You will learn an effective and repeatable routine for falling asleep that is self-reliable and manages mental & emotional interferences. 


  • By the end of the program you will follow your own version of the steps, as you develop a sense of the process for descending into sleep that suits you best. 

  • This is a method you will take with you that you can always rely on. 

The program will feature:


  • 10 coaching calls

  • Cleanse & detox program 

  • Instructional materials teaching you the 5 steps in the Art of Falling Asleep

  • Guided audio meditations & exercises to help you fall asleep

  • Unlimited text and email access to me throughout the program

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My name is Derek Lacey, for 6 years I have been successfully using a holistic approach to help people overcome insomnia, incorporating such tools as healthier lifestyle habits, NLP based techniques for falling asleep, and life coaching to help clients reveal their deeper emotional blocks. 

After suffering with insomnia for 15 years and trying endless methods to sleep better, I've discovered a simple phenomenon that has guided my coaching practice. 

You are the expert!


That is why I want to help you go inward to find your sleep while you receive support you to stay aligned with your mind & body. I'm here to help you create healthy systems, feel supported and have the right tools for every situation. I'm here to believe in your sleep until you do because most of the time, that is all that is missing. 

"Sleep transformation is a process of going inward to find your sleep, building better relationships with your thoughts, your body and understanding how to keep them connected to each other."

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