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The Transformational Protocol is an 8-week program that helps you heal emotional insomnia by:

1) Learning how to fall asleep using The-5 Step Method, our proprietary sleep system that aligns the mind, body and nervous system with sleep in a pre-bed routine.

2) B
uilding more Sleep Confidence using simple daily practices that strengthen neurological sleep pathways.

This program is for anyone who has structured their life to sleep better, feels like they have tried everything, but still struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep on a nightly basis.
If this is you, your sleep is closer than you realize!

The Transformational Protocol provides you with a simple to follow system for healing cognitive and emotional resistance to sleep. 

What makes The Transformational Protocol unique is its focus on self-discovery and intuition. In this program you will develop the skill of checking in with yourself, measuring your state of being and knowing what to do next. With our support, you will better understand:
  • Where your resistance to sleep is coming from
  • How you can transition through that resistance in a simple and enjoyable way
  • What messages that resistance has for you as you move forward

You will discover the patterns of thoughts & feelings that have been interfering with your sleep up until now. You will then be empowered to ground, shift, and transform those patterns into healthier, sleep confident ones. 
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Hello, my name is Derek Lacey. I am the main facilitator at the Art of Falling Asleep and creator of The Transformational Protocol & The 5-Step Method. 

I am inviting you to transform your emotional insomnia using our simple approach.  

Over the years I have learned many paths to better sleep, but not all of them are the shortest, simplest and most effective paths to a sleep transformation.

They do not focus on what matters most. 

So I created the Transformational Protocol, an 8-Week program that offers everything you need to transform your sleep and nothing you don't!

In my 7 years as an expert and coach in the field of sleep, and as a former insomniac of 15 years, I have discovered the 2 most important things you need to heal emotional insomnia. 

Sleep Confidence


A Holistically Aligned Pre-Bed Routine

Sleep Confidence

Sleep Confidence is the conscious and unconscious experience of resonating with sleep. Developing sleep confidence is a gradual process of guiding your subconscious mind to the outcome you consciously desire, using concepts, language and priming... and is practiced outside of a nighttime routine. 

Up until now, you have likely needed to see good results in order to consciously and subconsciously resonate with sleep, or "feel good about it."

This is why I developed a technique called Sleep Priming, a combination of simple awareness techniques that separate you emotionally from sleep in order to begin strengthening neurological sleep pathways. 

As you move through the program, Sleep Priming and sleep wins from your nighttime routine will further strengthen your overall level of sleep confidence. By the end of the program, your conscious and subconscious thinking will naturally resonate with sleep and the outcome of good sleep. 

The 5-Step Method

You will learn an effective and repeatable routine for falling asleep that manages mental & emotional resistance. 


By the end of the program you will know how to ground yourself through the various stages of sleep resistance, and you will know what your signature transition into sleep looks and feels like. 

You will walk away with a better understanding of yourself, your relationship to sleep and a sleep method you can always rely on.

You can learn more about the 5-Step Method here.

"The Art of Falling Asleep is a process of going inward, building better relationships with your thoughts, your body and your sleep."

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