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Fulfillment is a sleep concept you knowingly or unknowingly practice that involves balancing the objective reality of biology with the subjective reality of experience.

Biologically, when you sleep your hypothalamus is overwhelmed with adenosine and the bottom of your personal hourglass is filled with sand, as your biological clock counts down to sleep.

But that’s not always enough, somehow.

When human, sometimes being full but not filled isn’t enough, and vice versa.

Full is a measurement. Filled is a state of being. Together they create a concept felt as fulfillment.

I can be full while feeling empty. And I can be empty in a state of feeling filled.

When you are full and you are filled, you embody a sense of truth and your energy enters a state of flow.

When you sleep, that truth is experienced as a feeling, not a number. Your sleep doesn’t feel deep or good, like 5 hours or like 8, you just feel fulfilled.

Numbers don’t have the capacity to measure fulfillment. Only you do.

The balance of fulfillment is the complex yet simple phenomenon underneath transcendence, where the dual experience of mind and body is integrated as a unified spiritual one that somehow defies your previous experience of potential.

This is why there is more to healing than meets the eye, because healing is activated in concept as much as the body. And the experience of becoming healed oscillates at a higher frequency than the experience of never needing to be healed.

Fulfillment is one of my favorite words. I get to determine what being fulfilled means. I get to set that intention with kindness and understanding. I can challenge myself but still set myself up to win the day, the month, the year… Perspective makes it pliable while integrity keeps it honest.

It’s a dance. You apply self-compassion but don’t fool yourself. When you don’t let the fire burn too hot or too cold, you experience a regulated nervous system. You experience presence, then you experience fulfillment.

What is your measurement for fulfillment? In this life, in this day? How can you be fair to yourself while still pushing yourself to be great? What is the frequency underneath your definition of great?

If you were the only person on earth and lost access to comparison and judgment, how would that change your concept of fulfillment?

The answer I’m left with is the sleep concept that liberates me.

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