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The 5-Step Method

Why 5 Steps?

In simpler times, many of the obstacles standing in the way of sleep worked themselves out organically with space and time. Whereas now the average human has more life to manage in less time AND a narrower window to sleep in.

This leads to having too much to overcome in too little time and looks a lot like struggling to take big steps, such as "shutting off the mind" or "letting go."


In addition to that, when someone suffers with insomnia, they usually fear not sleeping, carry the physical stress of feeling under slept, and struggle to process the emotions underlying all of this, while trying to manage a sleep clock that is out of sync!


You might be able to see why taking 1 or 2 big steps can be challenging. 


To be more artful with sleep is to adapt to this reality by recreating what used to happen in less time. 

In the 5-Step Method, the falling asleep process has been deconstructed to better understand what is actually happening when you fall asleep, in order to create simpler goals with simpler processes for reaching them. 


So, instead of aiming to "fall asleep," I could aim to ground my intention to sleep, an effective mind regulating technique that is part of Step 1, Decide.  

Taking the single intention of falling asleep and dividing it into 5 smaller intentions more gracefully creates the same outcome that would have been reached with the advent of space and time experience hundreds of years ago: 


  1. Increased sleep confidence 

  2. Diffused physical stress

  3. Released & processed emotions

  4. Inwardly sourced sleep

  5. Absence of stressors in the here and now

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Every step acts as a precursor to the next, increasing mind to body connection, and creating a cascade to sleep. 

Each step provides 2 functions: 

1. A clear action step - so that you know exactly what to do and what your routine looks like. 


  • This prevents older hardwired habits from taking over 


2. A concept - way of thinking about why you are taking that that action step. 


  • This creates harmony between your conscious and subconscious minds, harmony between the minds and the body

Creating harmony between the minds and the body is the root concept underneath any natural holistic healing.  


Doing this in a routine takes a bit of analytical thinking and a deeper understanding of sleep & the struggle to sleep, but I’ve done all that work for you! 

The 5-Step is just one aspect of transforming insomnia! 

A holistic sleep transformation to sleep also entails aligning circadian rhythm, increasing sleep confidence, developing a healthy relationship to sleep, and being open to what is asking to be different in your life! 

This is the function of the Transformational Protocol, a 10-week program utilizing teaching, mentoring, and coaching. Your sleep transformation will be guided by our focus on:


1. Increasing Sleep Awareness

Most people who struggle with insomnia experience pain that leads to a dissonance with sleep, a feeling of separation to where sleep that is experienced, because it is not enough, is not "felt." To help with this, I will help you develop a practice for looking at your sleep with no judgement and removing scarcity from your sleep mindset, increasing the awareness of what you have legitimately experienced. This IS essential for increasing Sleep Confidence. 

2. Modifying Your Lifestyle 

Sleep is "created" by utilizing energy. Hygiene is important but how well you process breathing, digesting and experience life at a cellular level determines how you produce energy, consequently produce the sleep chemical adenosine, and how your sleep clock receives the message that it is time for sleep. We will look closely at how to create more sleep, which can almost always be created with painless shifts and enjoyable new habits. 

3. Increasing Sleep Confidence

You will learn a meditative practice for recognizing the sleep you get more than the sleep you don’t get. By the end of the program you will naturally have a more neurologically sound way of thinking and speaking about your sleep.

4. The 5-Step Method

Throughout our time together you will learn an effective and repeatable routine for falling asleep that is self-reliable and manages mental & emotional interferences. 


By the end of the program you will follow your own version of the steps, as you develop a sense of the process for descending into sleep that suits you best.