Guided meditations are great resource to help you feel ease and peace of mind. What's important for falling asleep though is that you, not the voice you're listening to, are creating the sleep that follows. For that reason, I suggest listening to these meditations before getting into bed and listening for what they say not so much what they do to you. 
From this perspective, listening to these meditations will give you new insights on what to become aware of in your body so that you are empowered to sleep on your own, not aided. This approach will help you increase your confidence to sleep. 

Sleep Walk Down

Sleep Walk DownDerek Lacey
00:00 / 12:04

Meditate to Regenerate

Meditate to RegenerateDerek Lacey
00:00 / 08:43

Coach Yourself To Sleep

Sleep Coaching Sequence #1Derek Lacey
00:00 / 06:10
In this audio, I introduce you to an inner dialogue you could have that helps connect sleep quality thinking to your body. You will learn how to ask yourself a specific set of questions that prompt answers that promote sleep.